Dead Man's Company

In The Beginning, There Were Dungeons and There Were Dragons

Every journey begins with but a single step.

In the beginning… a group of unlikely adventurers banded together to help a village with a kobold infested mine. The group consisted of Thoradin Greybeard, the mead loving Dwarf cleric; Nate Ghoul, the almost clinically insane Human warlock; Karvyas, the fearless Dragonborn fighter; and Therai, the Tiefling rogue. Together, the adventurer’s cleared the mine of the kobold menace. While exiting the mine, Therai discovered a hidden passageway. Hesitantly, the group ventured into the unknown.

They had discovered a crypt. From what the adventurers could tell, each wall had primitive coffins cut into them. Cubby upon cubby had skeletons of what appeared to be humanoids. Upon closer inspection, the skeletons had a star cut into each of their foreheads. Perplexed at the odd nature of the remains, the hero’s moved forward with sunrods in hand.

The group walked to the center of the room to discover small pools of water frozen over. It wasn’t cold enough to freeze water over. With that thought, they realized the temperature of the room had dropped considerably since they had moved away from the door. They felt the vibrations before they saw it, but to their horror, a white dragon came bounding out from behind one of the crypt walls to devour the intruders.

The adventurers worked in unison to overcome the beast. Thoradin and Karvyas dodged around the dragon distracting it while Nate utilized his dark, psychic powers to confuse the beast. Therai nimbly used the pockmarked walls to climb to a chandelier in the ceiling to rain death down with his crossbow. Despite the ferocity of the mythic creature, the heroes defeated it.

They explored the room further and discovered a small hoard of treasure that the dragon had been guarding. They divided the treasure amongst themselves. Further inspection of the room did not reveal any other clues to the mystery of the crypt. The adventurers left with their loot and put the mystery of the hidden dragon’s lair behind them.

Important Notes:
  • Found a hidden crypt with a funny star cut out of the forehead of the skeletons there.
  • Killed a white dragon
  • Found some serious loot in a trapdoor in the corner of the room



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