Dead Man's Company

The Day the Night Attacked

A time before leather armor pajamas...

During the trip back to the village, the odd group slowly began opening up. Therai spoke of his unjust incarceration and how he spent most of his years in jail. Thoradin reminisced bitterly of his slaughtered village and his missing son. Nate related his story of betrayal by the three men he trusted most at the cemetery where he was raised. They had abducted his sister and stolen his master’s book, a book documenting the secret dark arts of a warlock. Karvyas (fill in the blank. You can beat me later Chris for forgetting.)

They talked about their respective histories late into the night. They grew tired, so Karvyas and Nate decided to sleep. Thoradin and Therai kept watch and it wasn’t long before they heard something coming from the dense underbrush of the forest nearby. They readied their weapons and peered in with their lowlight vision. They saw red eyed shadows slowly creeping towards them.

Thoradin doused the fire to try and get rid of the source that attracted the beasts. Therai raised himself to his full height; his tail flicked angrily at the intruders. This did not daunt the incoming ghosts. They attacked. Thoradin threw a rock at Karvyas who awoke with a roar of rage. Nate was roused by the peace shattering noise. Meanwhile, Therai fended off the shadows and realized they were wolves who must have been attracted by the smell of food.

Karvyas and Nate fought in their small clothes, but even without their armor, they held their own against the beasts. The battle was short and furious. Spells flashed illuminating the lunging forms of the wolves momentarily. Swords were swung almost haphazardly beating back the attackers. These did not compare to the dragon they had recently faced, and they made quick work of the attackers. The group finished their rest and continued on their trip back to town.

The diverse group of heroes arrived back in town to be warmly received for defeating the kobold menace. They were rewarded with gold, beds to sleep in, free meals, and all of the mead they could drink. Thoradin celebrated mightily at the grand reward.

While relaxing and enjoying the comforts of the inn, the wanderers discussed banding together for a time. They had successfully worked together to kill a dragon when they had hardly known each other. What other adventures could they go on?

Word of their exploits quickly went around town, and did not go unnoticed by Boralis, a merchant hoping to make a trip south to the town of Hommlet. Boralis sent word to the adventurers that he might have a proposition for them.

The group could not rest on their laurels. They heeded the call immediately to see what Boralis might have to offer. The merchant did not disappoint. He wanted to hire the now experienced group to protect his caravan as it made its way south. He explained that the caravan had a tight schedule to make it through the valley before the onslaught of winter because then there would be no hope of making it to their destination. He needed as many bodyguards as he could hire because thieves knew of the caravan’s need to get through the valley and would surely strike them along the way.

Through smooth negotiating, Thoradin convinced Boralis of the importance that their group would offer to the safety of the merchants and raised the cost of the commission. Boralis was more than willing to pay the price. He paid the group upfront with half of the commission with promise that the other half would be paid upon completion of the task. The caravan left the next day with the adventurers in tow.

Important Notes:
  • Don’t put out light before an encounter.
  • Life’s a bitch when you’re caught with your pants down or in this case, your armor.
  • For everytime Thoradin screws up, remember that he got Borealis to pay you more, so you have to forgive him.
  • The group was hired by Boralis to protect him on his trip south.



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