Dead Man's Company

Bedlam and Bandits

Don't talk so much that Steve ambushes you

The group began their job as bodyguards for the caravan. Each day, the caravan would travel 20 to 30 miles towards their destination of Hommlet. Everyone was on the constant look out for any threats to the caravan. They were especially careful at night. The caravan would listen to the experienced bodyguards each night on what the best position for the wagons would be so they could be efficiently be defended.

The trip had been so peaceful that the group relaxed and began to take part in the chatter of the merchants. That’s when the bandits struck. Arrows and quarrel bolts flew through the congregated circle of merchants and bodyguards, striking mercilessly at the unwary victims. Merchants ran for cover in their wagons, and left the bodyguards to do their job.

The bandits had the advantage of surprise, not to mention, the advantage of night. The bodyguards could not see them, but they knew the bandits came from opposite sides in a pincer attempt. Thoradin and Nate blindly shot spells in opposite directions into the darkness hoping to strike a target, but to no avail. Therai ran for caravan wagons. In the relative safety there, he slipped into the shadows waiting for his opportunity to strike. Karvyas stood by Nate’s side ready to protect the warlock at a moment’s notice.

The first wave of bandits moved within the fire’s light with blades drawn. Thoradin rushed south taking on the three guards closest to him. Nate and Karvyas proceeded to fight the men coming from the north. Thoradin, though outnumbered, fought with his mace; his armor stopping any sword thrusts that got past his guard. Nate and Karvyas had little problem working together to defeat their bandits. A bandit who got to close was surprised by Therai who leapt from the darkness and slit his throat promptly. Therai listened to the air escape from his victim’s lungs, but he also heard rustling within a nearby wagon. He moved to investigate the cause for the noise.

Therai squeezed into the wagon and saw one of the merchants getting tied up by the two bandits. He shouted to Nate and Karvyas for help, and leapt to save the defenseless man. Therai was immediately intercepted by one of the bandits. The fighting grew fierce as there was no room to shift. It all came down to who was better with a knife.

Karvyas managed to squeeze into the tiny wagon and noticed the other bandit carrying the victim away. Seeing that Therai didn’t need help, Karvyas ran and attacked the other bandit forcing him to drop his victim. Seeing they were fighting a losing battle, the bandit who Karvyas attacked ran away at a sprint that couldn’t be matched. Nate saw the fleeing figure and tried to stop him with a psychic blast, but with the darkness, he missed.

Therai killed his target, and Thoradin had dispatched his three foes with the aid of some other bodyguards. All who had attacked them had either perished or fled. With no one to question, they turned towards the merchant who the men had tried to abduct.



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